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Life Balance: Welcoming Our Competitive Nature


Let’s be honest, we like to compete and compare our lives to others. As parents, we compare our children all the time, sometimes without realizing we are doing it.

• “Why isn’t my kid as good as the others?”
• “How come my kid hasn’t achieved that yet?”
• “Why can’t my kid be more like his/her friend?”

We also like to compare ourselves to others. Our own percep- tions and the perceptions others have, push us to constantly want to live up to ideals that are just that- unrealistic
versions of ourselves. Then comes blame, guilt, shame and dis- appointment when we fail to meet these expectations. Human beings are competitive by nature, so this means our compet- itive nature is natural. Even though comparing ourselves and others is human instinct, how we choose to respond to these thoughts is entirely up to us.

Instead of trying to push away this natural behaviour, let’s accept it as something that will happen inevitably, and use it to empower ourselves. By becoming aware of when we are having these harmful thoughts, we can choose to think differently. For example, rather than thinking about everything you do not have, appreciate about everything you do have. What can you do with the gifts and talents you have this very moment? Can you use them to work towards something you want or aspire to achieve?

Be resourceful. You have unique gifts and talents. Whether
you like to show your life on social media or indulge in soli- tude- your life matters simply because you are alive. You are breathing, which means your life isn’t over. All it takes is a little gratitude for the things you have, a little courage to say no to the things you don’t want, and a little strength to go after the life you want.


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