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Living! Not Surviving

When you read this, I’ll be far away in Costa Rica at surf school. Shortly thereafter, I’ll be doing my open water scuba diving test in Playa del Coco. Madness you say!

I, however, had anticipated changes. I knew I would heal from the challenges of the past couple of years because I put on my big girl pants and did the hard, fricken’ work. I knew I would hope again, and I knew unprecedented opportunities would follow, eventually.  

My life is entering a new chapter, and this will be my last article. The past year has allowed me to openly express my vulnerability, healing journey, and optimism for the future. Thank you for your encouragement. 

If you had told me about my upcoming solo adventure to Central America, scuba diving certification, a five-week stay in Costa Rica, canyoning waterfalls, white-water rafting, and jungle treks, I would have been astonished. It’s my faith in Jesus’ divine plan for my life that has enabled me to choose joy over sorrow every day.

If your year has been challenging as well, I hope my experiences show you that purpose emerges from pain. Although I have no idea where my life will go in the next couple of months, I know if I continue to love despite loss, allow growth, face my fears, and stay in my own lane, all is well.  

My prayer for you is to have vulnerable conversations, forgive quickly and have the courage to live a fulfilling life. Amen.


Marcy Demelo is an Entrepreneur, Career Coach and Educator, teaching you how to reinvent yourself to live out your passion. Find her on Instagram at waymaker_inc and at www.waymakerinc.ca.


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