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When I was little, my days seemed to be the same as many of my friends but, as I neared the end of elementary school, I knew life in my home was different than many of my friends. My parents had some struggles that made life tough for us. It is a good thing my grandma is a champ and looked out for my brother and me.

By the time high school rolled around, the folks at CAS knew I needed to live in a different environment if I was going to be successful. They asked me a lot of questions about what I thought would be best and then placed me with one of my former teachers whose family I knew fairly well. This turned out to be a great move!

It was amazing how my life changed once I was provided with routine and stability. My attendance at school improved, which led to better grades. Further, my involvement in the community increased as I began to volunteer with several organizations and at school. This new life allowed me to reach my potential and I finished high school by winning a variety of scholarships and awards.

At the same time, CAS always provided a great deal of support and guidance that really cemented the idea in my mind of becoming a social worker. I knew that there were many kids dealing with tough situations who just needed a helping hand to become successful and I wanted to take on that role.

This year will be my second year attending King’s University College with an eye to gaining admission into the social work program and eventually earning a Masters of Social Work. From there, I plan to work with CAS to help bring a better future to kids who face adversity like I did.

Today, I live a sweet life. I work in the summer with at-risk youth and attend a great school because the CAS worked for me and many people cared about me. The system did exactly what it was supposed to. I look forward to playing a role in the success stories of others down the road.

Brandon Deschamps is 20 years old. He continues to live with his foster family and plans to do so until he completes university. He has an amazing relationship with many of his birth family, especially with his little brother. There is a great need for foster and adoptive care providers for teens. If you can help, please contact the Children’s Aid Society of

“This new life allowed me to reach my potential…”Become a foster or adoptive family.Safe Children, Bright Futures(519) 455-9000 x777 www.caslondon.on.ca

You have the power to change his future.He has the heart to transform yours.

Yvonne is a foster parent for the Children’s Aid Society of London & Middlesex and birth mother of two children.


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