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Lucid Dreaming 101

In a flow state, our experience of the world becomes dreamlike, a lucid waking dream. Our actions unfold with grace and ease as if we are being gently carried by a benevolent and vastly intelligent outside force. We simply flow with the gentle inspiration that overwhelms us and makes us feel vibrantly alive, without worrying, analyzing, or trying. We don’t control anything but it feels like we are in control of everything. The past, present and future meld into a unified moment, and it feels like we know what is going to happen before it happens. Indeed, in flow, we can uncannily shape and predict the near future.

Flow States

In a flow state, our frontal brains deregulate and we engage the resources of our whole brain. We fluidly cycle between alpha and theta states of awareness. We engage the right brain state at the right time to instantly perceive and process exponentially more information than we can logically think through in an ordinary beta brain wave state of awareness. Alpha is a light meditative state, so in a sense, a flow state is a meditation in motion. Theta brainwaves are seen in advanced meditators, in elite athletes in action, in chess masters mid-game, as well as in psychics, mediums and shamans at work.

Twilight States

Theta states, or bursts of theta activity enable us to access the power of the subconscious mind, but in a flow state, we become conscious of the so-called subconscious. Theta is an elusive state of awareness, but one that all of us have experienced and can all learn to access. In all likelihood you’ve experienced a theta state while you’ve been enjoying a hot shower, automatically scrubbing away while you allow your mind to float off and discover brilliant ideas and insights. You’ve also likely experienced a theta state if you’ve ever found yourself in what many people call a twilight state – in between waking, dreaming and sleeping.

Angie Aristone, co-author of  Consciousness Becomes You

Angie Aristone, co-author of Consciousness Becomes You www.angiearistone.com


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