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The reasons you need an English Major as your new storyteller

(It’s me – I’m the English Major)

Beneath the Dr. Evil-esque pose and cool leopard print, I am a word nerd at heart. Even before I earned my Literature Degree, I was like the very tall version of Harriet the Spy. Except, instead of penning observations, I marked up newspapers, advertisements and novels with all the mistakes I found and how I could improve upon them.

Which groan-worthy, yet exceedingly helpful, “eccentricities” go hand-in-hand with a love of stories?

  • An impeccable eye for mistakes – simultaneously making me THE most annoying member of the group chat AND an extremely useful editing tool
  • An obsession with word play – while the puns may be cause for eye-rolling, the calls to action are eye-catching
  • A great grasp of persuasive emotion – awful to argue with, phenomenal to convince your audiences to convert
  • A sense of empathy that empowers me to write for diverse perspectives – all 10 of my personalities agree there is nothing annoying about this one

While my entire generation shouted STEM, I touted Shakespeare and knew my path would revolve around the art of storytelling.

After earning my Public Relations diploma and learning how to adapt my writing style to every media imaginable, I turned my obsession with correction into an extremely rewarding communications career. For the past 10 years, I have worked with organizations to tell their stories in ways that resonate. 

Luckily for your business, my creative and qualitative passion generates tangible, quantitative results. Which of these KPIs matter most to your current and future goals? 

  • Millions of fundraising dollars generated 
  • 400% increases in year-over-year online engagement 
  • 120% sales & business development growth  
  • Measurable movement up the Google ladder
  • IABC Virtuoso Awards for Non-profit Communications & Brand Awareness

I feel somewhat comfortable humble bragging here because part of what I have always done is advocate for narratives. Luckily, this work has become a lot easier, as more businesses are starting to understand stories are not just nice to have, they are a critical part of growth.

Don’t blend into the advertising abyss. Stand out with better stories, written by someone who would rather be forced into early retirement than bore your audiences with tired clichés. 


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