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Meet Adi and Lander!

What are you really good at? What do you want to learn to do better?

Adi: I am really good at biking. I would like to be able to do cart wheels better.

Lander: I’m really good at video games. I want to play soccer better.

What do you find annoying?

Adi: It’s annoying when my brother keeps on poking me and I tell him to stop. 

Lander: When I am in a video game and my sister bothers me, that’s annoying!

What has someone taught you that you’ll never forget?

Adi: My mom and dad taught me how to be kind.

Lander: It’s always important to remember how to be kind.

What do you think your grown-up life will be like?

Adi: I will be strong, have blonde hair and have cute kids! 

Lander: I will be a lawyer. 


Meet our new Kid Zone writers, 10 and 6 year old siblings, Lander and Adi! Each month, they’ll be sharing perspectives on life as a child sees it.


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