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Meet Our Cover Kid, Archie!

Jordan Simon “Archie” is three years old. He is a son, brother, nephew, grandson, cousin and friend. Archie is a citizen of Onyotaˀa:ka̲, the People of the Standing Stone, also known as Oneida Nation. His bloodline is also Seneca and Mohawk, all of which are part of the Haudenosaunee, also known as the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. He is born into the Aˀno:wál/Turtle Clan, that follows his mother’s line. He is learning the Oneida language and understands more and more each day. At a very young age, Archie started listening to Oneida nursery songs, and they soon became his favourite songs to listen to during car rides. 

When Archie was born, the doctors told us they needed to do more genetic testing. Later, they came back with the results and told us he has Trisomy 21, more commonly known as Down Syndrome. Archie and his family do not let this define him. He is saying new words all of the time and loves saying “Hi!” to every being he meets. Archie uses sign language to communicate his wants and needs with family and teachers at school. He is currently interested and eager to be potty-trained. He is navigating how to act with a new kitten in the house. He attends Active Start with the Special Olympics for kids his age who also have Trisomy 21.

Jordan “Archie” spends his days at daycare, and his evenings are spent watching Cocomelon on his iPad, using his rattle/hand drum to sing Onyotaˀa:ka̲ and Anishinaabe songs with his older brother or by himself. On weekends, he spends his time with family or doing outings in the London area. Archie loves to listen to various music genres including Powwow drum groups, Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson. Listening to such great music ignites his love to dance and express himself. Archie has the travelling bug like the rest of his family and is already a seasoned voyager across Turtle Island (North America). 

Above everything, Archie loves his family, especially his siblings. There is such endless laughter and unconditional love when the three of them are in the same room. Archie is not one to shy away from showing affection, but his affection isn’t limited to just family. Archie loves giving the people he meets in public some love, whether it’s blowing kisses, high fives or even hugs.


Krista Doxtator, mom of our cover kid, Archie


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