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Meet Sara Westbrook!

We all have emotions! For many of us it can be extremely difficult to experience them, let alone talk about them.


When you think about truly sharing your emotions, would you prefer to leave the conversation or conveniently find something else to talk about? Maybe it’s because you don’t know how you are feeling, maybe you want to shout ‘none of your business’, or is it that you think sharing emotions makes you look weak? The more we choose to step outside our comfort zone by acknowledging and sharing our own emotions, we model and teach kids that “It’s OK to feel what you are feeling” – an essential component for overall well-being.


I have experienced many awkward, uncomfortable and even physically painful emotions and I know that it is inevitable that I will continue to do so. I have learned that instead of trying to avoid those emotions, we need to be aware of them. Rather than trying to suppress emotions, we must learn to manage and regulate them and instead of simply reacting out of pure emotion, we must practice being emotionally resilient.


This is why I am so passionate about learning and sharing simple, effective strategies on how we and our children can successfully navigate challenging circumstances and the emotions they trigger. I am excited for my monthly column where I will share what I know and what I am learning from so many of you.


I have so enjoyed the last 17 years researching and presenting on the topic of emotions and the impact they have on choices, well-being and resilience to over 600,000 adults and young people, and have been on many media outlets including Global, CBC, CTV, Sirius XM and Roku. I am the author of the UPower Journal 2.0, a book for youth to not only express their thoughts and emotions, but also to build their confidence, resilience and emotional and mental well-being through personal stories, exercises and quotes found inside.


When I’m not presenting or writing, I can be found in my kitchen whipping up yummy, healthy treats for my husband George and son Kai or at the arena, with coffee in hand, watching Kai play hockey.

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Sara Westbrook is a professional speaker and creator of UPower Inc, offering keynotes, presentations and workshops on ‘Emotions Change Choices’ to audiences ages 4 -100. She can be found at sarawestbrook.com or on Instagram @iamsarawestbrook.


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