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Meet the “Dadfather”!

It takes a village to raise a child” is a proverb traced back to numerous African Cultures. But it’s more than just a trite quip passed between parents with a knowing smile, like “bless this mess” or “wine o’ clock”. It speaks to the value of community, of mentorship, and of sharing expertise.  Helping out.  Lifting each other up. 

Being put in charge of the existence of a living, breathing, sleeping, eating, crying and pooping snuggly warm bundle of joy is a blessing that roughly 89% of the world take on at some point in their life. Some burst through the proverbial parenting wall like the Kool-Aid man, while others think to themselves “oh, spinach” when the nurse double checks the car seat straps for the last time and sends them on their way. These are both totally normal reactions to a life changing journey. 

I’ve been an avid fanboi of Frank’s “Frankly Fatherhood” columns ever since I challenged him to reach out to this magazine and ask to help change the narrative behind fatherhood for local dads. When Frank announced that he was stepping down and requested volunteers to take over the movement that he started, I was apprehensive. Wearing size 15 shoes, my feet are physically much larger than Frank’s. But in this magazine, his ability to make you think, make you smile, or to make you realize that you’re not alone, that your struggles and successes are far more common than you think, are shoes that I am honoured to try to fill. 

When I first started Dad Club London in 2013, it’s because I was terrified for what I was about to take on, and wanted to surround myself and my kids with the love, support and wisdom we need to truly thrive. Bringing that journey and those lessons to this column is an exciting opportunity. Being an elite father is within all of us. Creating memories, building values, teaching lessons and pouring love into our kids is a privilege that flies by faster than we realize.

Reach out for help. I’m here. @jmccall54 or jeremymccall@yahoo.com.


Jeremy McCall is a married father of 3, a social services case manager, and known as “The Dadfather”, being the founder and Past President of Dad Club London.


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