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Mix-Ins and Topping Ideas for Hot Chocolate

Submitted by: Laura Powell

Choose a few the following ingredients to serve in bowls with spoons. Family and guests fill their mugs with cocoa then add mix ins and toppings of their choice to ‘customize’ their cocoa.

Topping ideas

Butterscotch chips

Chocolate shavings

Cinnamon candies


Crushed peppermint candies

Crushed candy canes such as strawberry, orange, or cherry flavored

Crushed toffee bits

Mini marshmallows

Marshmallow creme

Mini M&M’s

Sprinkles and coloured crystals

Whipped cream

Reddi Whip

Chocolate syrup

Caramel syrup


Ice cream in various flavors such as vanilla, mint, caramel

Chopped peanut butter cups

Crushed Butterfinger

Flavoured coffee creamers


Adult jolt

Grand Marnier

Peppermint schnapps



Creme de Menthe

Baileys Irish Creme



Stirring sticks:

Mini straws

Candy cane

Cinnamon stick

Chocolate coated spoons


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