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Monster Tacos

Taco Tuesday was fun at first, right? But has it become a boring tradition that needs a little spicing up? Make monster tacos with the following ingredients:

  • Hard taco shells
  • Taco meat or alternative of your choice (we used ground beef with taco seasoning)
  • Lettuce and any other taco veggies that your family loves
  • Cheese (buy the deli sliced kind)
  • Roma tomatoes
  • Olives with pimentos
  • Toothpicks

Prepare shells and taco meat as per usual. Fill shell with lettuce and meat. Place on its side on the plate. Cut cheese with jagged edge and place inside. On top of cheese, place two olives on toothpicks. Make a tongue by cutting just the edge off of a Roma tomato and place it on the plate in front. Have a freakishly good supper!



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