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5 Ways to Start Taking Better Care of Yourself

There’s a great saying that is very true: happy wife, happy life.

It begs the question though, whose job is it to make the female of the house happy? As empowered women, I say that it’s largely our job. It’s surprising then that the needs of most moms rank pretty low on the family totem pole.

It’s really important as mothers that we take care of ourselves, and that we continue to work on ourselves.

Here are five things that we absolutely need:

  1. Seven to nine hours of sleep a night
  2. Nutrient-dense food
  3. Exercises your body agrees with
  4. Boundaries – saying yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no
  5. The ability to lose yourself doing something you enjoy, to the point where you lose track of time and space

When we lose ourselves doing what we love, we shift our brainwaves from beta waves (worry, stress, yesterday, tomorrow, our finances…) to an alpha wave.

What are alpha waves? 

Alpha wave vibes are day-dreamy and flow from thought to thought with ease. An alpha state is neutral and relaxing and a well-earned break from the stresses of parenting.

It will also, depending on the depth of the state, be a place where synchronicities happen. For example, you may suddenly wonder about an old friend and they call you. Yes. That’s called an alpha state. It is a free-from-stress place worth hanging out in from time to time.

Having a passion for something, mixed with some genuine mastery, (being super into snowboarding, for example) will take you into an even deeper state. Pursuing this level of flow will dip you into theta waves, which are deeply intuitive, healing, calming, and inevitably fulfilling. These experiences leave you feeling satiated and content. Losing yourself doing what you love can feel like a total reset. 

Everyone in your family will win if you take better care of yourself. Solid, consistent daily self-care accidentally builds your self-esteem, self-respect, and teaches you how to have your own back. How’s that for a role model mom?

Angie Aristone, co-author of  Consciousness Becomes You

Angie Aristone, co-author of Consciousness Becomes You www.angiearistone.com


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