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My Mom is the Best Mom

Do you have plans to do something for your Mom on Mother’s Day?

Charlie – Absolutely! First, breakfast in bed! Coffee, poached eggs with feta cheese and a bagel. She LOVES lemon squares from the Bag Lady in London so we should get some of those. We’ll go for a hike somewhere in the woods – that’s a thing she likes to do too. And then give her time to do what she wants alone. She deserves a break.

Harrison – First, let her sleep in, then make her breakfast in bed. At some point in the day we watch a movie together that she chooses! Her favourite is the Princess Bride. We will cook all the meals with our dad. She gets to not do any work. She likes to go on hikes and walks so maybe we will go and walk on the beach. 

What makes your Mom so special and different from other moms?

Charlie – She is the ultimate snuggler! Especially when we talk about our day right before we go to bed. She takes the time to get to know our friends and why we get along with them. She’s a good listener and trusts us. She’s a fun mom.

Harrison – She’s the best because she listens and loves to spend time with my brother and I.  We love to listen to music together. She’s introduced to a lot of music she loved growing up. She’s our biggest cheerleader when we play sports. We can ALWAYS hear her cheering us on. She doesn’t have curly hair but every day she takes time in the morning and night to help us brush and take care of our hair which is great because we love our hair. 

What do you think your mom was like when she was your age?

Charlie – Crazy! She seems like the type of person that took a lot of risks when she was little. She broke lots of bones when she was young probably because she played lots of sports and was active. She was great at sports – it’s probably why my brother and I love sports too.

Harrison – Our grandma always tells us that our mom never stopped talking when she was little. I can imagine she had a lot of friends because she is very social now so must have been social then. I know she was great at sports because she was fast like my brother and I, and she loves to be active like us.


Charlie and Harrison
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