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MY SPRING/SUMMER BUCKET LIST: 50 Free Things to Do Before You’re 12

How many items can your children cross off the list this spring/summer?  Better yet, how many can the adults join in on?

Blow bubbles, Finger paint, Make real lemonade,

Try bird watching, Go on a treasure hunt, Cook over a fire,

Take a hike, Eat breakfast for dinner, Draw & play hopscotch,

Go on a picnic, Host a family board game night, Fly kites,

Fold a paper airplane, Write a book using pictures or words, Ride a bike,

Visit a farmer’s market, Play Frisbee, Make a blanket fort,

Participate in a 3-legged race, Run through a sprinkler, Build a sandcastle,

Play croquet, Make (& eat) a cereal necklace, Find a new playground,

Tour a fire station, Sleep in a tent, Play Go Fish or Crazy 8s,

Make pizza from scratch, Roll down a huge hill, Skip a stone,

Run around in the rain, Bury a parent in the sand, Watch the sun rise/set,

Eat an apple straight from a tree, Go on a nighttime walk, Catch fireflies

Dam a small stream with sticks/stones, Swim in a lake, Make s’mores,

Plant, grow & eat an edible plant, Play rock/paper/scissors, Find shapes in clouds,

Have a staring contest, Play dress-up, Thumb wrestle,

Sing around a campfire, Build with Legos, Jump rope,

Search for a 4-leaf clover, Wash the car


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