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Nest + Necklace = Nestlace

We were so lucky that a mama robin chose to build her nest in one of our hanging flower baskets on the front porch. So we had a front-row seat to life in action – we saw her beautiful blue eggs, watched them hatch, and admired her tiny weak babies until they strengthened up and flew away. Since then, my kiddos have been obsessed with baby birds and bird’s eggs. So we made this bird nest necklace, complete with eggs made from beads. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • wire and wire cutters (to cut and bend the wire)
  • three beads (that will fit on your wire and resemble bird eggs)
  • a ribbon, string or chain for your necklace

Simply cut your wire and bend it round and round to resemble a nest. We temporarily taped the ends of the wire so the kids wouldn’t scrape or cut themselves on the sharp ends while working. At the halfway mark, string your bead “eggs” on, and then continue to bend the wire round and round.

Thread your masterpiece on a ribbon, and wear it with pride!


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