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New Regulations for Window Coverings

If you have been in the market for new window coverings lately, you are aware that Health Canada has enacted new regulations that have created a whole new world for us in the business and for consumers looking to dress their windows. 

Every year, there have been reports of young children or pets becoming entangled in cords on window coverings and dying of strangulation. Such an incomprehensible accident is a tragedy none of us want to face. Legislation has been in the works for a couple of years and was to be enacted effective May 1, 2021. Due to COVID, official regulations were effective May 1, 2022. Window coverings manufactured after this date must comply with legislation. Thus, all suppliers have experienced many changes in how new shades operate and the small parts which were reconfigured. 

1) Any band, cord, chain, string or any other component that is capable of folding in any direction and/or connected end to end and is reachable must not exceed 22 cm (approximately 8”) in length. 

2) Any parts of a corded window covering that is accessible to a child must meet stringent size restrictions to ensure that they cannot be detached and not swallowed if they become dislodged. 

3) Every external component must meet stringent lead levels of less than 90 mg/kg. 

This legislation, although required to provide the necessary safety to our most vulnerable, has resulted in an increased cost of window coverings. Automated shades have been increasingly popular, cordless options are available, and most manufacturers have worked hard to reengineer the products and provide alternatives that are both compliant and cost effective. 

If you have window coverings already installed in your home that have the chain or corded operation and were manufactured prior to May 1/22, they are “grandfathered” and are still legal for use. However, please be aware that they are a safety issue and ensure that you are vigilant around their use to protect our most precious members of society from a horrific but avoidable accident. 


Janice Brock,
Owner, Custom Covers and Custom Shades


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