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New Technology Ensures Healthy Staff and Clients

With the ever present pandemic this winter combined with the cold and flu season, it is that much more important to be following the recommended Public Health protocols in order to keep our families as healthy as possible.

We all know the basics by now – wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer, wear a mask, avoid crowds and keep a safe distance from others. This of course is not an exhaustive list – any additional precautions will only help to keep potential illnesses at bay. On top of these personal protocols, health professionals and essential workers have an even bigger responsibility to ensure their workspaces are kept hygienic and safe.

For example, clinics in the orthotic and prosthetic industry have implemented the Bluewave Rapid Deodorization Device. This is a system that utilizes ozone filtration technology within a contained vacuum to deodorize and kill any existing bacteria and viruses. Ozone filtration is commonly used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications including swimming pools, spas and sporting equipment. 

The Bluewave Device is used to clean hard-to-wash items in a convenient and timely manner, making it especially effective for cleaning orthotic devices (cranial helmets, foot orthotics, etc). In a clinic setting, an orthotic device is placed inside a sealed treatment chamber. Air inside the chamber is infused with ozone, a powerful oxidant known to destroy odours, bacteria and viruses. This air is pumped in and out repeatedly in cycles to penetrate the pores of the device. It has recently been approved by the FDA as an effective killer of Sars-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Fun fact: Custom Orthotics is the first Canadian clinic to use a Bluewave Device! 

Clinical hygiene is extremely important to us – just as important as personal hygiene in preventing the spread of illness. That is why the Bluewave system was first implemented in our clinic in February of 2018. With the use of this technology combined with all of the current up-to-date Public Health protocols in our clinic, we can continue to provide our clients with safe and stress-free care, even in the face of these trying times. 

Maddison Turner MSc MPO
Orthotic Resident
(519) 850-4721 | office@customorthoticsoflondon.com | @cool_bracing


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