I feel incredibly privileged to be raising my son and publishing a parenting magazine in this great country of Canada. My son is growing up in a place where it is encouraged to be who you are – that no matter your skin colour, gender, sexual orientation or age, you are deserving of the same rights and freedoms. We practice freedom of speech in our magazine, hearing the opinions and statements of writers from many different walks of life.

We reached out to you, our readers, on our Facebook page to ask “Why is Canada such an amazing place to raise a family?” And so many of you shared the same sentiments. We’re proud of our diversity and our acceptance of all kinds of people. We are a peaceful nation. We value the education all children receive in Canada. And, we feel Canadians are a polite and friendly bunch.

We also love the awe-inspiring places our country offers. We’ll hear about one such place from Sherri Telenko this month. She takes us to Quebec City to an underground museum hiding beneath a popular riverside boardwalk. This historic site was only discovered in 2005 – read Sherri’s article on page 15 to find out why.  You can visit this national historic site (and over 200 others) at no cost this summer by ordering a free Parks Canada Discovery Pass. And what better place to visit this Canada Day than our nation’s capital, Ottawa! My son, Mikaeel, is so lucky and so excited to be doing just that. I’m thrilled that he feels so much pride in his country at only age 11.

But definitely, one of the greatest things about raising a family here is Canada’s universal healthcare system. So, many of you agree with Dr. Bhayana (find her special Canada 150 article on page 6) when she celebrates that a CEO and a homeless person can access the same quality health care.

So, this month, Canada, we celebrate you! Every singing of “O Canada,” every bit of red and white we wear, every firework we set off, every new citizen we welcome, is in celebration of 150 years of this great nation. We certainly could not think of a better place to raise our sons and daughters. Happy birthday Canada!

Sabina Manji, a lifelong Londoner, is an irrepressible entrepreneur, mother of a wonderful son, and also a committed volunteer.


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