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One Step at a Time – Orthotic Treatment for your Loved Ones as They Age

Aging is an inevitable process that can feel quite taxing on the body. Circulation, nerve

conduction, muscle strength/flexibility, and balance are all factors that are negatively affected as

we age. As these processes change with age, our risk of falling and acquiring disease/infection

may increase.


What is happening?

As we age, our bodily processes begin to slow down or function at a less optimal level. The

nerves that send messages to the feet and extremities do not send electrical messages as

efficiently as they used to. This may lead to a loss in sensation. A loss of sensory feedback in

one’s feet can lead to injuries, wounds, ulcers, and ultimately an increased risk of falling. In

addition to losing sensation, the body’s blood vessels tend to lose elasticity which leads to

cardiac issues. When the elasticity of the vessels deteriorate, blood is more likely to pool in the

veins which causes the feet and ankles to swell. Having proper blood circulation throughout the

body is of paramount importance to one’s overall heart health. In addition, our skeletal system may also take a negative impact. Our body’s composition changes over time, developing musculature imbalances and weakening. Some common foot pathologies that develop include flat feet, bunions, claw toes, diabetic ulcers and calluses.


Having a health care provider routinely inspect your loved one’s feet can help ensure they

maintain their independence and health for as long as possible. By redistributing the pressure

and providing support we are able to stabilize the feet, preventing falls.


Helpful products:

  • Compression stockings help improve the blood flow from the feet back to the heart,

limiting the swelling and fluid retention in the lower leg regions.

  • Properly fitting shoes will ensure no blisters, wounds or infections occur due to ill-fitting

shoes (too big or too small). Wearing the proper size and width will also limit the risk of

tripping and falling.

  • Foot orthoses may be helpful if the individual has sore feet/legs, dropped arches or has

decreased fat pads under their metatarsals or heels. Foot orthoses can be used for

increased comfort, proper alignment and support.


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