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Is It Safe to Go Back to the Orthodontist or Dentist?

Wow – how the world has changed since our last article for this great magazine! We have lived, and indeed are living through, the most tumultuous change of our lives. Even with all the changes though, life must go on, and that means continuing health care for our kids and ourselves.

With that said, and with the treats of Halloween approaching, we’re dealing with the question of whether it’s safe to return to my orthodontist or dentist?

The simple answer to the above question is YES. Let’s break that down:

Y = Your oral and physical health continues to be our primary concern, E = Effective PPE measures are in place, and S = Safety for you and our staff are paramount.
Our governing bodies, the Royal College of Dentists of Ontario, The Ontario Dental Association and the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, have worked tirelessly and together to create office protocols and PPE requirements that will keep all of us safe and healthy. Questionnaires, temperature taking, mouth rinses, physical distancing, additional barriers and mask-wearing are just some of the obvious things Orthodontics is doing. The “behind the scenes” stuff you don’t see are more stringent sterilization protocols, physical changes to airflow, and changes in instrumentation to minimize aerosols.

Orthodontics and Dentistry in general have always been at the forefront of sterilization and health regulations. That leading-edge, high-level protection is paying off hugely now during the Covid-19 pandemic. In short, we’ve got your back. So continue to see your Orthodontist or Dentist. Oral health is a critical part of your overall health. We get it and are working in this new environment we all must live in to deliver safe, quality care for you and your family!

Stay safe!
Dr. C. Bruce Hill, BHG Orthodontics


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