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OUCH! My Back Hurts

Our bodies are well designed machines consisting of many components that help us move daily. With the complexity of our bodies, there is always the risk of injury.  

Our lower back supports the weight of the upper body and trunk, allowing common motions and movements such as bending and rotating. With activities such as child-caring, exercise and cleaning, our lower back can be subjected to overuse or traumatic injuries leading to pain. Lower back pain can be mild and annoying, or severe and debilitating.  Depending on the cause, the pain can vary and present as:

  • dull, achy and contained to the lower back region
  • numbness, tingling down the lower legs radiating to other body parts 
  • muscle spasms, tightness in the back and pelvis 
  • difficulty with sitting, standing or walking

With any type of pain, it is always best to determine the root cause and consult with your physician to determine the best course of action. Treatments that help reduce pain include but are not limited to, stretching, NSAIDs, physical therapy, chiropractic, orthotic bracing (back brace), foot orthotics or sometimes surgery.  

Orthotic bracing is a very good method to help eliminate or reduce pain. As a short-term solution, orthoses help by providing stability to lower back pain, injury or weakened spinal structures. The brace immobilizes the lower back region from unnecessary movements to allow muscles to heal and reduce swelling. In addition, the orthosis can help unload the weight placed on the lower back decreasing the muscle tension and forces going through the joints and discs thus reducing the pain. But relying on this type of treatment long term can be detrimental as it may reduce the amount the core and spinal muscles work. 

Foot orthotics will realign your body mechanics reducing the stress on your spinal structures and posture. Remember the old tune “the foot bone is connected to the knee bone”? Starting with healthy foot mechanics will translate to a healthy spine alignment and posture.

Every individual’s pain presents differently and requires a personalized treatment plan. If you have any questions about your low back pain, orthotic intervention or would like a complimentary consultation with our clinicians, reach out to our office. 

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