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Our Faves for Winter Days

Now that the holidays have come and gone, it’s time to relax and hibernate for a bit. It’s a great time to take it slow, catch up on rest, and just be kind to ourselves. But those of us with little ones know it’s not always so easy. Here’s a roundup of our favourite activities and books to get you through these long winter days!

Identifying Animal Tracks – This activity is perfect for snowy days – animal tracks are easy to spot in your own yard, or just about anywhere! Using a book such as Who’s Track is That? to identify who they belong to can be a lot of fun – and starting a log book is another great way to look back at what you’ve found and where.

Bring along: Found a unique print? Use the Kikkerland Huckleberry Cast-A-Track to keep it forever!  

Stargazing – Such a simple and fun activity to introduce to children of all ages! As daylight fades so early, it’s a fun and easy activity to do, whether in your own backyard, or on a little drive to the countryside where stars (and the moon) are even more visible!

Bring along: Stargazing for Kids – An Introduction to Astronomy by Jonathan Poppele.

Nature Classes – The resurgence of Forest Schools and outdoor kids classes is the perfect opportunity to get your little one in the great outdoors! But if you’re looking for some indoor nature classes for those blustery winter days that are just too cold to be out, look no further. Join us for FREE classes for all age groups at Featherfields in Wortley Village every few Saturdays, with varying topics from ID Your Backyard Birds to Forest Detectives. See our website for details.

Additional Noteworthy Items – Check out the amazing line from Wild Life Outdoor Adventures – cloud identification tools, star planispheres, and all-weather notebooks which are perfect for time spent outdoors!

*all books and kits are available at Featherfields in Wortley Village.


Ashley Satchell, owner, Featherfields


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