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Summer! The season in Canada that we all endure the other nine months of the year to enjoy! The desire for real outdoor living spaces was on the upswing prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the demand for an outdoor space that functions as an additional room in the house continues to see an increase. Function, durability and maintenance are all concerns when planning your space.

Do you have an open deck where sun and wind play a role in the use of the space? Addressing these natural elements can be done in limited ways including a retractable awning installed on the side of your home or a large portable umbrella to provide shade for dining or entertaining. The choice of fabrics for use on outdoor furniture exposed to the sun needs to be designed for such use to prevent fading and provide some weather resistance.

With the addition of a more permanent roof style overhead structure and/or side walls, your choices are more diverse.  Simple grommet draperies provide weather protection but it is imperative that you use outdoor fabric and outdoor graded stainless steel hardware and grommets for a longer term solution. Roller shades provide limited privacy and sun control but with new Health Canada regulations regarding cord operation, will be crank operated or motorized. Outdoor fabric or screening make ideal choices for this type of product. With a higher price point but a more permanent fix, motorized screens that are installed with zip sides mounted within a channel can withstand higher winds and provide insect control as well.

So whether you enjoy your outdoor space as a place for barbecuing and entertaining or you have an actual outdoor “room” with more amenities, there is a solution for making it as comfortable and usable as possible.


Janice Brock,
Owner, Custom Covers and Custom Shades


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