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P is for Psychology: Part 1

Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. Its subject matter includes the behavior of mental processes such as thoughts, feelings, and motives.

When my father died, my close family members suggested I look into a psychologist. This was supposed to help me cope with my feelings. I really had this negative connotation towards psychology. I felt like it was for the weak or insecure. How can I be strong and vulnerable at the same time? I was only 16. But the thought of opening up to a stranger and telling them my deepest darkest feelings, then paying them for the perfect response was alien to me. I was just gonna rub some dirt on it and move on. I’m not sure where this stigma came from? Social surroundings, movies, older generational influence. The years went by and I coped… but at what cost? Substance abuse, sleepless nights, depression… I pushed that way down. 

Then the accident happened with my daughter. I went to the darkest place I’d ever been. It was taking control of my life. I was having trouble coping with day-to-day activities and it was affecting my parenting. I wanted to set a better example for my son… and for myself. So I looked into this psychology thing. Even at 37, I was still very reluctant to give myself to the process. I called my lawyer and he said he knew of this psychologist and she was “the best in London” (in case she reads this article) and would be a good fit for me. I still had a hard time wrapping my head around being vulnerable with someone who has no idea what I’m going through. What could they possibly tell me that I hadn’t tried. They better not tell me I should take deep breaths, a long bath, and go for a walk to find myself. I would walk right out. So keeping all this in mind, we set up the first appointment. It’s done, scheduled, stamped, no take-backs. A few days before the first appointment, I was getting so anxious and nervous, I was ready to cancel…

Stay tuned to our June issue to find out if Dan keeps his appointment!


Daniel Burdis is a father of two and husband of one, who always strives to put family first. He will share tales of adventures throughout his life, but his main goal is to be the relatable father who makes questionable decisions!


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