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With a heart full of gratitude and a deep love for shoes, Ellen, the driving force behind Perfectly Fit by Ellen, is celebrating an incredible milestone: 30 years of running a thriving children’s shoe store. 

Ellen Cannata reminisces about her childhood, where her passion for shoes first took root. “From a young age, I would eagerly request shoes and boots as birthday and Christmas gifts”, she reflects. At 17, Ellen embarked on her journey in the shoe industry, landing her first full-time job at a shoe store in St. Thomas. The experience set her on an unwavering path, learning from renowned establishments before opening her own store on Wortley Road in 1993.

Opening a small store while raising a 17 month old child and expecting her second, Ellen embarked on her dream with support from her ex-husband and parents. She recalls fitting shoes for customers while in labour, politely asking for a moment during contractions. Remarkably, she returned to work just four days after giving birth. Her sole focus was clear: to provide the best-fitting, high-quality footwear along with exceptional service.

In the past three decades, Ellen has not only created a haven for shoe enthusiasts but also formed lifelong friendships with customers, employees and suppliers. “It has been an honour to witness families grow and evolve, as well as to fit subsequent generations of their children’s feet.” The store has truly become an integral part of the community.

As the years passed, Perfectly Fit by Ellen faced a changing landscape in the industry. Cross-border shopping, big-box retailers, online shopping and certainly COVID-19 became challenges. Despite the odds, Ellen refused to give up and employed creative strategies to keep the store afloat. Perfectly Fit by Ellen has consistently given back to this supportive community. Every year, they offer discounts in exchange for donations to The Boys and Girls Clubs of London. Customers support families in need due to fires and other emergencies.

Perfectly Fit by Ellen celebrates 30 years of success, overcoming challenges with customer loyalty and community support. A warm-hearted commitment to quality shoes and exceptional service continues to shine. 


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