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Perfectly Fit by Ellen

Ellen Cannata loved shoes as a teenager, and her mother warned, “Don’t go work in a shoe store!” But Ellen did, working at a St. Thomas shoe store starting at age 17, and she has never looked back. She has been fitting shoes for 44 years now!

Ellen opened her own shoe store in Wortley Village 28 years ago. She was seven months pregnant and had a 17 month old at her feet. Now fast forward to Perfectly Fit by Ellen at 1225 Wonderland Road North. Ellen specializes in fitting shoes to each child, and insists on bringing in only the best brands to fit children. “We are the one and only store like this in a huge radius. We have a reputation of providing knowledge, excellent customer service, and a perfect fit. We don’t carry fad shoes – we only sell what is good for your children’s growing and developing feet!”

Like many small businesses, staying strong during COVID-19 was a challenge. But Ellen wants to thank her many customers who supported her during these tough times (she even fit shoes outside when necessary!) These same customers have been there to assist Perfectly Fit by Ellen in supporting the community as well. Every year, the store hosts a Christmas sale that can only be accessed if you bring in a donation for the Boys and Girls Club. Ellen has such an amazing clientele, she can reach out to them for support when families need it most (Perfectly Fit by Ellen has donated shoes for those involved in fires, refugees, etc.) When customers have felt they can’t afford good shoes, Ellen has shown her extremely caring attitude by partnering with them to work something out.

Ellen likes to run a very simple business. She balances her books with hand written receipts and a calculator. Instead she prefers to spend her time on what she does best – fitting shoes. “Seeing kids walk out with proper shoes which have been perfectly fit is what keeps me going”, says Ellen.


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