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Pet Friendly – The benefits of at-home summer pet care

At the first sign of summer, we excitedly book campsites, plan day trips, and schedule weekends away to enjoy every drop of sunshine. Summer schedules fill up fast and we include our pets in our plans whenever possible, but sometimes they could benefit from a little help to ensure their needs are met.

Seasonal vacations, sports, and activities can confuse pets by disrupting their sense of routine. The resulting anxiety can manifest in destructive ways, but something as simple as regular visits from a dog walker can massively improve morale and behaviour. If you’ll be away for a few nights, hiring daily drop-in care is often enough for a cat to be able to enjoy the comforts of home in your absence, rather than face an unfamiliar boarding facility.

Additionally, many animals (especially cats) already find it stressful to go to the vet. In the summer when children aren’t in school, visiting the veterinarian with the kids in tow can make it even more chaotic. Choosing a practice that provides at-home veterinary care is a simple way to make the experience more comfortable for everyone and allows your furry family member to receive the medical attention they deserve.

Seniors with pets may also benefit greatly from at-home services. For example, if you or a parent is undergoing a surgery this summer, arranging someone to walk their dog, clean the cat litter, or deliver pet food can help them dedicate the time they need to heal, while still enjoying the many benefits of pet companionship.

Throughout this season, keep in mind that pets with irregular schedules, high-traffic homes, and family changes may exhibit stressful tendencies such as over-grooming, chewing, scratching, or even inappropriate urination. If you notice anything abnormal, don’t delay contacting your veterinarian to find a solution and address any corresponding health issues.

Fortunately, many of these issues can be avoided with a little bit of forward planning and Neighbourhood Pet clinic is here to help with many at-home services including veterinary visits, pet care, and free product delivery. When you’re adding your activities to your calendar this year, don’t forget to pencil in your pet’s plans as well. That way, you can enjoy all the wonders of summer, knowing that every member of the family is well taken care of.

Dr. I. Wonder is here to answer your questions regarding your furry family members. If you have a question, email it to us at danielle@NeighbourhoodPetClinic.com. Our team at Neighbourhood Pet Clinic will tap into their collective experience to answer your various questions.


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