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Postpartum Hair

Going, going gone. Or at least that’s what it feels like. Not to fear! Postpartum shedding is a natural process, and here are some helpful ways to manage your tresses during this time of transition.

Choose the right products

Proper hair care is vital during the shedding process. Invest in professional products that are formulated with high-quality ingredients designed to thoroughly cleanse, hydrate and repair. Volumizing styling products are great to achieve thicker, fuller hair, however, I recommend more nourishing formulas when it comes to shampoos and conditioners.

Brush your hair daily

On average, we lose approximately a hundred hairs a day; however, when you’re pregnant, you tend to have very minimal shedding due to a significate increase in hormones. This is why it feels like you are losing so much hair at once postpartum. Brushing your hair daily not only helps to rid of loose strands, but it also stimulates the scalp; increasing blood flow and circulation, which promotes new hair growth.

Visit the pro’s

Treat your tresses to a good hair-cut. You don’t necessarily have to go for a big chop, but a good trim or fresh cut will help to thicken and strengthen hair. I also highly recommend booking a treatment to strengthen and repair weak, fragile hair, and rid of any impurities and build up on the scalp.

Nourish your body

Our hair is the last thing to be fed by the foods that we consume, so it is essential to consume a healthy, nutritious diet consisting of good fats, vegetables, fruit and tons of water daily. To ensure that you are receiving all of the vitamins you need, give yourself a beauty boost by taking a multivitamin, omegas and a source of iron supplement every day as well.

Stay beYOUtiful,

Lisa xo

Lisa Aquilina is the founder of Stilettos and a Stroller and creator and Editor-in-Chief of Women with Ambition™️Magazine.


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