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Preventing Falls This Fall

November is a time when the weather starts to turn, often with wet and slippery conditions when the ice begins to form. This type of climate does not create the safest environment for our elderly loved ones or those who are affected with balance issues. Ensuring safety is crucial to the health and well-being of those around us. If you have a loved one at home who has poor balance, here are some tips to help you ensure their safety and reduce their fall risk. 

  1. Remove clutter and unnecessary hazards. Having an abundance of items in walkways or pathways can increase one’s risk of falls. Cleaning up spills, securing loose rugs and tidying areas can reduce tripping or fall hazards. 
  2. Ensure their medication is up to date, at the correct dosage and is not expired. A health care provider can review medications and assess their effectiveness. If your loved one is tired or meds are affecting their thinking, their health care provider may consider other options. 
  3. Promote the use of walkers, orthotic bracing, canes, raised toilet seats and grab rails to help provide stability for your loved ones. 
  4. Help your loved ones participate in some physical exercise or activity. An activity as simple as stretching or a quick walk can help with improving strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. If you are concerned that promoting physical activity will create a harmful environment, talk to a physical therapist for help. 
  5. Proper footwear is essential to ensure proper safety. Flip flops, big shoes or wearing only socks can increase fall risk. Wearing properly fitted shoes with non-skid soles can help eliminate this factor and give a steady base of support. 
  6. Properly lit environments can help your loved ones see where they are walking and avoid tripping or running into things. Use night lights, additional switches, lamps or flash lights. 

If you need help finding properly fitting foot wear, bracing or orthotics to increase stability or reduce tripping, please do not hesitate to reach out to our skilled staff. We would be happy to help ensure the utmost safety for your family.


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