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Protect Your Noggin’!

Most parents think they only need to enforce helmet-wearing when their child is riding a bike. However, there are many winter activities that can cause irreparable damage to the developing brain. 

Kids don’t always wear a helmet while ice skating and tobogganing but they should be! They are going at faster speeds and have the potential of coming in contact with a hard object. There are many ways this can occur during tobogganing – head hitting the hard snow or ice, head hitting the toboggan, head hitting another tobogganer, head hitting a tree, etc. 

When we hit our head, the brain shakes inside our skull, resulting in bruising, broken blood vessels or nerve damage. Just because we are not bleeding does not mean there is no damage being done. A concussion is a type of TBI that causes the brain to move quickly back and forth, causing chemical changes and damage to brain cells. 

While there is no concussion-proof helmet, a helmet can reduce the severity of a concussion and protect against skull fractures. Even with a helmet, it is important for your child or teen to avoid hits to the head. Before your child heads out to the tobogganing hill, follow these essential bike helmet fitting tips provided by the Government of Canada: 

  • Verify that the helmet is certified for use 
  • Fit the helmet snugly on the head – it should not rock or twist
  • Make sure it sits low on the forehead (only 1 to 2 finger widths above the eyebrows) 
  • Centre the chinstrap buckle under the chin
  • Adjust the straps to form a V-shape underneath and slightly forward of the ears
  • Tighten the chinstrap (only 1-2 fingers should fit under the chin)


There are many ways we as parents can protect our children from harm. Helmets are just one way we can protect their brains to allow proper growth and development. Please be safe this season and protect those heads! Tune in to our next article where we talk about another form of helmeting! 

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