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Protecting your Noggin’: Part 2

Last month, we discussed the importance of wearing a helmet during activities to prevent brain injuries. This month we will discuss a few other reasons one might wear a protective helmet.

Individuals with a seizure disorder, post surgery (craniectomy) or who self-harm are just a few of

the reasons one may wear a protection helmet.

Protection helmets are worn to either:

  1. help absorb the shock when one hits their head and redistribute the impact on contact
  2. protect the individual from self-harming behaviours such as head banging, picking, scratching, hitting or biting
  3. protect the brain post operatively and allow healing (craniectomy, craniosynostosis)

The design of a protection helmet and the materials used depends on the clinical goals of the individual and their family. However the exterior of the helmet is either a dense foam shell or rigid plastic shell with different padding designs internally. Usually a chin strap is necessary to ensure proper fit and purchase on the head.

If the individual hits their head, you would consider a face shield to help protect the front of the face (teeth and nose). If the child has drop seizures, a more rigid design is needed to protect the head during the falls and seizure.

With any presentation, consult a certified orthotist to ensure the design is appropriate for the situation and the fit of the helmet is correct. Without a proper fitting helmet, there are severe risks and complication of harming oneself and damaging the brain.

These helmets are eligible for funding through the assistive devices program. We are able to help you and your family navigate this process and ensure the proper coverage. If you have any questions about protective helmets or the process to obtain one, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office.


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