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R.A.W. Really Authentic Women

Ready to get real? The R.A.W. Podcast with Sabina Manji is truly the podcast for Really Authentic Women and Men alike! 

Their mission is to create a safe space to connect and share raw moments of authenticity, for Really Authentic Women (R.A.W.) at all stages of life. It is so important to give everyone a voice. Through different paths, opportunities and circumstances, we are all in search of the same happiness, and what better way than to embrace this together! This is a place where we believe your past does not define who you are, but can inspire and empower yourself and others!

The podcast is hosted by Sabina Manji, with her infectious energy and engaging personality, and it has always been in her heart to give and support others within her community. As a champion for the vulnerable who continues to speak up and speak out on behalf of others, she felt compelled to create a platform where people could feel empowered to be their authentic selves in the comfort of a like-minded community. With her 25 + years as editor of The Mom & Caregiver magazine, Sabina witnessed the need for authentic sharing and providing a safe space and platform for women to feel free to speak their views and ask questions on any subject without fear of judgment. You can expect a variety of amazing and dynamic guests, each with their own thought provoking journeys and opinions to share. R.A.W. is so excited to share that there will be featured women AND men on the podcasts. These guests leave in awe – they’ve been asked questions they’re never heard before, and given answers they never thought they’d give.

No topic is off the table! Grab your favourite bevy and join Sabina on the couch every other Tuesday for stories that will bring laughter, tears, hope and the reminder that you are never alone.

“The world can be cruel, but don’t let it define you.

Use your past to fuel you. Don’t let it make you a victim.”


With gratitude and sealed with a kiss,

Sabina Manji



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