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Six Ways to Use Apples this Thanksgiving

A family trip to the apple orchard is a fun way to spend a fall day.  And it’s an inexpensive way to gather the apples you’ll need for one or all of these Thanksgiving decorating ideas!

  1. MAKE YOUR HOUSE SMELL GREAT – Simmer the following in a pot on the stove – one cut up apple, the peel of one orange, one tablespoon of cloves, two cinnamon sticks, one tablespoon of vanilla, one tablespoon of almond extract and 1 ½ cups of water.
  2. FANTASTIC FLOATERS – Fill a large metal, glass or ceramic container with water. Add apples (which will float) and light floating candles for a pretty tabletop decoration.
  3. ENJOY A CARAMEL APPLE BAR – Slice thick pieces of apple and poke each onto a skewer. Set up a self-serve bar with your apple skewers and caramel for dipping.  Include small sprinkles, candies, coconut or chocolate shavings to stick on for added fun!
  4. PRINT A BEAUTIFUL TABLE RUNNER – Slice an apple in half from stem to bottom. Give the kids a tray of paint to print apple shapes onto a long roll of butcher paper.  Let dry and stretch down the length of your Thanksgiving table.
  5. SEAT YOUR GUESTS – Wrap a thin gold cord around a red apple several times. Tie a knot in back of apple.  Write guests’ names on small pieces of paper to slip in the cord at the front of the apple.  Make one apple table place card for each guest.
  6. THE STAR OF THE SHOW – Show your kids the exciting “star” that appears when you cut an apple sideways! Now cut lots of these apple slices.  Serve each atop a mug of apple cider (warm or cold).

Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving is filled with delicious food, friends, family, laughs, and lots to be thankful for!  All the best from my home to yours!


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