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Small Business Mistakes To Avoid

First of all, if you own a small business I have the most respect and love for you. Second of all, it’s probably not what you expected, is it? I think if we had any indication of what to really expect as a small business owner, we may have never started. So I guess it’s a good thing that we are wired to be overly optimistic and a wee bit naive in the beginning Otherwise, our communities would be missing out on all these incredible small businesses! My bakery business, Chick Boss Cake, started as a small side-hustle hobby that I’ve since grown into a million dollar business. I’ve learned first-hand that growing a small business comes with its fair share of unique challenges. Here are my top ten tips to help you grow your small business into a successful one if you want to take it to the next level:

  1. Make set store hours and keep them consistent. Try to make the store hours easy for your customers to remember and don’t change them often.
  2. Do not close early. Ever. I see this often with small businesses – it’s not a busy day and the shop owner is ready for the weekend. If a customer shows up after you’ve closed early, it is an awful experience and you’ve lost their trust.
  3. Infuse your personality into your business and brand.
  4. Get social! The more people who know about you and your business, the better.
  5. Get good reviews… but not perfect ones.
  6. Get a freakin’ website. If COVID taught businesses anything, it’s the importance of having an online presence.
  7. Don’t waste your time on “the haters”.
  8. Get staff. You need help!
  9. Stop acting like a small business. If you want to be successful, you need to act like a successful business. Look at what big companies are doing and start aligning your business with similar policies and procedures.
  10. Hustle. Hard work pays off.

Check out my blog where I elaborate further on each of these top ten tips, explaining why they’re so important and how to implement them into your own business: www.rebeccahamiltonco.com

Rebecca Hamilton,
Owner, Chick Boss Cake


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