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Snowflakes Of Truth

I can still remember the feelings of envy in the middle of Victoria Park, snowflakes falling all around me, as I watched my son play. There were thoughts of comparison and self-judgement in my mind, as I looked at the other families in the park that day. Mom, Dad, Thing 1 and 2 playing and laughing together as a “whole unit”. The perfect families. The ones that stayed together. The ones that were committed. 

It was in that dark evening moment that a glimmer of light crystallized and a new thought evoked from my heart’s centre. “I’m not looking for another Dad for my son. He’s got a great Dad. What I need is to trust myself that I deserve to be happy and free.” 

And then it happened. The snow stopped, and it felt like everyone in the park did too. A surreal movie scene unfolded before me as I had the clear knowing and realization that I had been narrating a limiting belief – that my happiness was worth less than maintaining an image, based upon fear – an image that a “normal” family needed all the parts and pieces under one roof to be considered whole. 

I exhaled that clarity with confidence and knowing, and within a year, we separated. I landed into the co-parenting lifestyle. And what I’ve learned is the only normalcy that our children need is unconditional love and leadership. 

There isn’t a right way a family should look. When you make decisions from a place of authentic truth for yourself, whether to lean in or out of your marriage cycle, know this. Although you may have moments of comparison, doubt and fear you’re doing something wrong, that your kids won’t be okay or that you should stay because you committed, your happiness is what matters most. 

No two snowflakes are alike and neither is your unique family dynamic. When making a choice to grow more or to respectfully part ways, lead yourself with your truth first and trust that when you move with love, you become the star of your own winter scene.

Lyndsay Campbell is a co-parenting mother of two boys, a Life Transformation Coach and
Reiki Master.


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