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So Many Choices!

Whether you are decorating a room for the first time or redecorating, there are so many choices to be made. What is your decorating style? Note what it is that continues to catch your interest. 

  • Is it modern contemporary, minimalist, country, rustic, etc? 
  • Are you drawn to bright, cheery colour, monochromatic white or grey colour schemes, patterns or plains? 
  • Are you starting from scratch with new furniture throughout the room, choosing the flooring, paint colours? 
  • What is the style and size of the windows in the room?  
  • Is sunlight or heat control a priority in this room?  

When you have worked through these choices, it is time to put them all together. Find a decorator who will listen to your needs and desires and will guide you to bring your dreams to fruition. That person is a professional, trained and experienced in dong this work many, many times, but should also allow you to have lots of input into the project. 

My expertise is in colour, pattern and window coverings in general. Too many times, the window coverings in a room get ignored until late in the planning process, but this is a mistake. The budget for window coverings is not small and the purchase of window treatments is an investment. Take into consideration the damage that sunlight causes to furniture and floors. 

With the popularity of home automation in all aspects of our lives, automated window coverings are no longer for the affluent or pampered. And with new Health Canada regulations, fewer options are now available for window covering operation. The “no cord” rules are for the safety of our most precious family members – our children and pets. If you are building a new home, having automation lines run behind the drywall before it is installed is optimum. Battery operation is available at a lower initial cost and eliminates any unsightly operating cords, chains or shrouds.

Colour and pattern choices, in my opinion, should be made after the window coverings are decided so that the room ambience remains cohesive and complete. Drop in to discuss your project with us soon!


Janice Brock,
Owner, Custom Covers and Custom Shades


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