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Spring is coming, and so is patio weather. This is the time to get all of your closets, storage areas, kitchen and bathrooms purged and organized so you can head to the patio in the nice weather.

Often at this time of the year we talk about going through your closets, but this year I am going to talk about the kitchen. I find it is one room that gets neglected, but is normally the most used.

Do you live in fear of something falling on your head when you open your cupboards? Do you find yourself having to take out half of the shelf’s ingredients, then stuffing everything back in each time you need something? When was the last time you pulled everything out of your kitchen cupboards to see what you really have? YES, I said EVERYTHING!

1. Pull out all of your dry goods. Those that are expired, throw out; those you will never use; take to the food bank. Spices have different shelf lives; if the spice is pale in colour or has a poor aroma, it’s most likely old and should be discarded.

2. Pull out all of your cooking utensils (graters, knives, etc). Group them according to use (wooden spoons together , spatulas together). For items that you don’t use, or don’t like to use, move them on to someone that will.

3. Small appliances that are broken or never used can be gotten rid of or donated. If you have some that are seldom used, but you still enjoy using, store them in a cupboard that is more difficult to reach. The rest need to all go together in the same accessible cupboard for easy access. FYI: counter tops are for preparing food, not storing items!

4. Cookware: it baffles me as to why someone would need six or seven frying pans, but I always get a good story as to why they need them. I have one small and one large. I also have only one set of pots, not two or three.

5. Use small storage bins, drawer organizers, grip liners for drawers, and glass or Tupperware to store dry goods to your advantage – all are great things to help you organize your kitchen.

6. When there is wasted space up above what you’re storing in a cupboard, add another shelf.

Happy spring cleaning, and happy days on the patio!


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