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These are really beautiful when the light shines through! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tissue paper cut into small pieces
  • Glitter or other decorative items to stick
  • A black frame cut from construction paper or cardstock
  • Mactac (often sold as clear sticky drawer liner)


  1. Roll your Mactac onto the table, and peel the backing off, ensuring it is sticky side up. This can be a little tricky and sometimes involves four hands! Tape the edges of the Mactac to the table so it stays down flat.
  2. Cut out your black frame in any shape you like – just ensure it has lots of hollow space throughout  the middle.
  3. Place your black frame on the Mactac, ensuring there’s a little space between the frame and the edge of the Mactac.
  4. Let your kids go wild! Give them small pieces of tissue paper to stick to the sticky Mactac. You can also give them glitter, confetti or any other flattish bits to stick on.
  5. When they are done, fold over the Mactac so their creation is sealed between two layers of Mactac. You can also cut a second piece and stick it on that way if it’s easier than folding over. Cut away an extra bits of Mactac, but ensure you leave a border of it all the way around their creation. 
  6. Hang it in your window with tape to see the light shine through!


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