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Starting High School in a Global Pandemic

You’re starting high school this month during a very unique time, so help out our parents of teens out there:

What makes you most excited about starting high school?

Ella: I’m excited about meeting new people and getting to have different classes than I did last year.

Mikaeel: I am excited to make new friends and learn new subjects.

What are you most worried about?

Ella: As much as I’m excited to meet new people, I’m also nervous about it. I’ve been in class with the same people since kindergarten at my school, so it’ll be a big change.

Mikaeel: Getting lost in the new school.

What is the subject you’re most looking forward to and why?

Ella: I’m really looking forward to tech because it will be a new class for me and I love making things.

Mikaeel: I am looking forward to math as it is one of my favourite subjects.

What was your favourite activity the summer before high school?

Ella: I loved biking and swimming on the hot, sunny days.

Mikaeel: My favourite activity was golfing and hanging out with my friends.

Things are quite different this year. How are you dealing with the uncertainty of what school will look like during COVID?

Ella: I thought my first year of high school would be pretty straight forward, but obviously everything got mixed up because of COVID. I’ll just have to go with whatever they choose to do.

Mikaeel: I am dealing with the uncertainty by not worrying about it and being good with whatever happens.

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