Storytelling is one of the oldest and most powerful ways we communicate and connect. We love to hear and share the stories of people who have experienced the positive impact of the Y! Whether supporting newcomers to Canada, giving children a place to grow and feel included, or providing adults an avenue to challenge themselves and make new connections, the Y is truly a community. 

“As newcomers to Canada, the Y helped my family of four integrate into our new community. We recently joined the Y and hope to build great memories here!” – Juan

The Y has made a huge impact on our son’s life. He attended camps where he felt accepted, included and had so much fun. It was a place he could go where he felt safe and listened to. This built his confidence. The counsellors were top notch, so energetic, responsible young people who were great role models. I cannot say enough good things about our experience at the Y.” – Deb 

“We signed up for the Y because it was local, close to home, and we had three young kids. We joined karate, soccer, floor hockey, climbing and basketball! We were at the Y nearly five days a week. I, the mom of these very active kids, began making friends and connections with other Y members. They invited me to group fitness classes, to work out with them on the fitness floor. Thanks to them, I found my love for fitness and started attending several classes per week. I was so engaged that I was asked whether I’d consider becoming a group fitness instructor. I was floored, and honoured. I now have been teaching Group Active for three years and I’m loving it! I’ve had the opportunity to do the same for some of my class attendees and it’s been incredibly rewarding!” – Stephanie 

YMCA of Southwestern Ontario


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