Susan Regier

As a professional copywriter, brand storyteller, and marketing strategist, Susan Regier has helped thousands of entrepreneurs tap into their stories to connect, engage, and convert their audience from prospects to buyers.  

Susan has the uncanny ability to find the hidden gems in a business that can ignite sales and profits for her clients. She finds their core essence – that unique piece that sets them apart from others in their industry – and then creates compelling content for various mediums, including websites, press releases, blogs, and professional profiles/bios.

It’s no surprise that Susan is an entrepreneur. After all, she came from a long line of independent business owners – and her father was her most significant influencer. An entrepreneur, before she knew what the word meant, she learned his values – his actions spoke louder than words, which made his life successful on so many levels.

Growing up on a farm in rural Ontario with three older brothers, it became clear from the start that she would have to find her own voice. And it was a natural transition into writing.

By 1997, Susan already had a trail of published articles in magazines across North America. She decided it was finally time to break free from the daily grind of an unfulfilling job and live her life her way…and Vantage One Writing was born.

In addition to working with entrepreneurs and small business owners, she has written for national ad agency campaigns for familiar brands such as Scotch Brand Specialty Tapes, Post-it Notes, ED Smith…and even helped introduce the bagel to Japan for Maple Leaf Foods.

Along with her writing services, Susan offers private coaching programs, small group Acceleration Labs, and online courses for ambitious entrepreneurs starting their business, going through a growth phase, or eager to achieve their big vision.

As a former creative writing instructor at her local college, Susan offers virtual creative writing programs and Soulful Writing Retreats for Women (in her private residence) for anyone who desires to develop their writing talents, whether that’s short stories or novels, fiction or non-fiction, or writing for children.

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