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Take A Deep Breath

Want to feel calmer? Have a better day? Want to optimize your health and improve your performance at work and at play? How about accessing your intuition, deep meditative states, or a superpower like plunging into ice water without even flinching? Breathe! Most of us don’t think about breathing, but it underlies everything we think, do, and feel. Knowing how to breathe is a game changer! Don’t believe me? Softly focus your eyes on your peripheral vision (up, down and all around) and take three very slow breaths through your nose. I mean it! Stop reading and take five slow breaths right now! How do you feel? Calmer? More relaxed? 


If you want to bring that sense of peace and wellbeing you’re feeling right now into the rest of your life, Rule #1 is breathe through your nose. You’ll feel calmer, absorb more oxygen, and alkalize your body by blowing off more CO2. You’ll probably even look smarter! It’s no accident that “mouth breather” is a derogatory term. To wake up rested and energized, you might even try slapping a tiny piece of tape on your mouth (or your partners) before bed. Rule #2 is breath like a baby, from your belly. Many of us have gotten into the habit of breathing with our chest muscles instead of our belly muscles, essentially taking half breaths all day long. 


Remembering to take moments throughout the day to consciously breathe following rules #1 and #2 can have profound benefits. If you want to go deeper and explore more of what your breath can do, add some breath work to your day. You truly can’t go wrong whether you choose an ancient practice like alternate nostril breathing, or a modern biohacking approach like hyperventilating for thirty breaths through the nose, followed by an exhale hold as taught by “Ice-Man” Wim-Hof. Want to go deeper still? Guided Holotropic Breathwork will help you find and heal those long forgotten childhood traumas that might still be affecting your life, or into ecstatic psychedelic spaces “au natural” using your breath alone. No matter what you choose, always remember to breathe! You might be surprised by how often you find yourself stressing yourself out by holding your breath.

Angie Aristone, co-author of Consciousness Becomes You www.angiearistone.com


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