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Thank You Spring!

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It was Sunday morning and, for once, we didn’t have plans. We are usually a pretty busy family on the weekends but THIS chilly Sunday was going to be a day of rest, PJs, warm coffee, and maybe snuggling up with a good book. Then I remembered… we have kids.

The day started at five a.m. when our three-year-old crawled sleepily into our room asking if it was time to get up. I scooted him back to his bed and reminded him that when the clock says seven, he can get up. It seemed like eight minutes later and he was back into our room, lights ablaze, with his full “outdoor voice” announcement – the sun is up! It’s seven! I was shocked to realize he was right… the other shock came from his brother’s room. Our 16-month-old was likely startled by the volume of the grand announcement.

I was running solo that morning and both bubbly boys were bouncing since breakfast. It wasn’t even 10 a.m. and I had enough of the yelling, the banging, the toy throwing, and the demands for attention. I wanted to lock myself up in the bathroom for just a few minutes of peace. As I drank the last gulp of my now cold coffee, I looked out the window at the wet and cold morning. Ah, screw it – we need to get outside! After world-war-lunch I wrapped them up, grabbed the stroller, the glider bike, and the almost-too-small-but-stillfits helmet and we hit the pavement.

The crisp air cooled my hot head and I was instantly relieved that we got out of the house. I was reminded of how long this winter felt and how busy our lives have been. Our active boys need to stay on the move and they probably don’t even remember being able to just go outside in the backyard and enjoy the freedom of outdoor play. It’s no wonder we were driving each other mad!

After an hour-long walk, one kid easily agreed to a nap once we got home and the other was already asleep in the stroller. Both went down without a fight. It’s now three p.m. and I don’t dare wake anyone up! Well, not until I finish my delicious warm coffee and the next chapter of my book.

Frank Emanuele is a proud father of two boys, a special education teacher, and a director of Dad Club London.


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