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The Beautiful Benefits of Co-Parenting

As I continue to integrate and understand the co-parenting lifestyle, what I have learned is if embraced, the dynamic of co-parenting can be pretty freaking awesome. At times, it’s easy to focus on the areas of the divorce lifestyle that are difficult or challenging, but there are also incredibly positive aspects as well. 

Firstly, as you get comfortable with having your children in a structured weekly schedule, the exhales of relaxation, rest and rejuvenation become more deep and pronounced. If you soften into it being okay to be happy when you’re children are headed out, you can take advantage of the downtime that is needed. During this time, you can explore, adventure and get cozy with the areas of your life that you’ve been desiring to investigate. Get curious and excited with that space in between your co-parenting week as you are in a unique position to do what YOU want to do, babe. 

Secondly, when it comes to diving back into attracting love if you so desire, the standards, expectations and sense of confidence will slowly weave it’s way in. As you explore all of the options out there, you learn what you want and powerfully say no to what you don’t. You won’t accept anything less than what you desire because it’s what you deserve. When you find what it is you’re looking for, the value of appreciation and gratitude you experience will be over the moon glorious. You will titillate with delight as you relish in the small things, and you will never take intimate kisses, long hugs or acts of service for granted again. 

Lastly, one of the most positive aspects of this lifestyle is the opportunity to just keep growing. The personal time and space to reflect about how to show up better as a parent during your next “on again” week, getting chores done when your kids aren’t around so you can have more quality time when they are, and the opportunity to do life the way you want to uniquely do it, all contribute to why being a co-parent, is positively perfect.


Lyndsay Campbell is a co-parenting mother of two boys, a Life Transformation Coach and
Reiki Master.


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