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The Benefits of Mom and Baby Yoga

To all parents out there, get ready to incorporate yoga into your daily routine! But, this time include your baby! It’s no secret that a baby needs a good start, both physically and psychologically. Parents everywhere understand the importance of parent-child bonding; a strong bond between baby and parent is very important for a child’s development.

It’s very important for a baby to feel secure and to have an attachment with the closest person in their lives, their parent. When you put together your own fitness routine, consider yoga as a way of bonding and relaxing together with your baby.

Baby-friendly yoga classes may have interruptions when babies are fussy but an important part of doing yoga with baby is providing mom the opportunity to interact and meet others. Moms build on the friendships with one another and know that they are not alone in their experiences. When you do a baby yoga class you learn new ways of coping. Learning breathing exercises helps calm you down. When moms are calm, babies are calm. If you take care of yourself, you are helping your baby.

These classes provide moms and babies the opportunity to bond with each other, build muscle strength, improve posture and reduce stress and anxiety. They help parents find the balance between taking care of themselves and taking care of their babies, while incorporating physical activity into their lifestyle as well.  

Be gentle and compassionate with yourself.


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