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The Magic of the New Year

The beginning of the new year is my favourite time. As a therapist, I am naturally fascinated by human behaviour- my own included. I believe that there is something so magical and hopeful about having a whole new 365 days stretching out in front of us. 

At the end of the year, I do some deep reflecting. I ask myself, “What did I accomplish this year? How did I celebrate my wins? How did I serve the most people in the biggest way? What did I struggle with the most this year? What did I learn?” This period of December reflection often provides rich and often surprising answers to these questions. And then – it’s time to create.

I believe that a life well lived is one that has meaningful activity, purpose, contribution and direction. The new year affords us with the perfect opportunity to make some conscious decisions about what we are going to do to bring about meaningful change. Many of us are trying to figure out life post-pandemic: what this means for our relationships, our careers, our personal healing and our finances. Sometimes, change – real change – seems elusive.

If you’re looking for a way to change this year, here are some of my favourite tips.

  1. Take an honest account of your current situation. To know where we are going, we first must know where we are.
  2.  Decide what you’d like in your life. Is it deep healing from repressed trauma? Is it to improve your relationship with your body? Is it to take an empowered position with your finances? Whatever seems important to you, write it all down. Prioritize it.
  3. Make a commitment to micro-changes. We have been conditioned to think that change must happen in tidal waves or internal and external rearrangements. This is rarely the case. In fact, most change happens inch by inch. Change happens in the decisions that you make. Every time you skip that small purchase on Amazon, you’re making a micro change in favour of your finances. When you do the 30-minute workout, it’s a micro change in favour of your health. Every therapy session you attend is a micro change in favour of your healing. On their own, these actions are not enough to change your life. Compounded, they are magic.


I am so excited to hear from you: what changes are you wanting to make this year?


Jordan Thomas is a psychotherapist and the owner of an award-winning trauma therapy centre. After recovering from debilitating PTSD, she has built an inspiring life and wants to help you do the same.


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