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The Micro Enterprise at My Sisters’ Place

A social enterprise is a business with a social purpose – with a mission. We proudly call our social enterprise the Micro Enterprise (ME) because it’s all about empowering one incredible woman at a time. As she sets her sights on self-sustainability and unleashes her creative vision, she becomes part of our amazing team of artisans who craft unique jewelry and fashion accessories.

Since its inception in 2007, the Micro Enterprise program has been a force of empowerment. Micro Enterprise equips women with a comprehensive set of skills that lead back into the workforce, helping them pursue further education, or even kick-starting their own businesses. This covers everything from marketing and business planning to sales and inventory management. Each jewelry piece or textile isn’t just a beautiful creation; it’s a representation of countless hours of learning, mentorship and community building within our collective.

Micro Enterprise artisans are women who are ready to take the leap into the next phase of their journey. It’s a step that demands unwavering commitment and discipline. Our close-knit network of supportive artisans warmly welcomes new members who have been carefully selected. We value teamwork immensely. To guide and nurture this venture, a dedicated Micro Enterprise Facilitator is there every step of the way, inspiring women to take charge of crucial business aspects. Our ultimate goal is to uplift their socioeconomic status and overall well-being. The atmosphere is one of respect and encouragement, often resulting in friendships blossoming beyond the program itself. New women welcomed into our Micro Enterprise family are introduced to the ME philosophy and guided by the group’s collective wisdom. Our artists earn 80% of the sales proceeds from the items they create, while the remaining 20% stays within the collective to help us acquire tools and cover other necessary program expenses.

Shop the Coach House

Stop by the beautiful Coach House behind My Sisters’ Place to shop with a social conscience, Tuesday -Thursday from 10 am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 3 pm.


You can donate seldom worn or broken jewelry by dropping off at My Sisters’ Place from 10 am – 8 pm Monday – Friday. 


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