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The Nurse Will See You Now

Oftentimes, movies and some media sources link dental offices to a fearful environment. In reality, with today’s advances in behavioural management and sedation techniques, stressful dental appointments can turn into happy smiles and laughter, especially in pediatric dentistry. 

Cooperation is key in pediatric dentistry to provide the patient with a positive experience to facilitate continuing oral health into adulthood. An evaluation of your child’s cooperative potential is essential for future treatment planning. Pediatric dentists are trained to use various advanced behaviour guidance techniques, as well as pharmacological management techniques like oral sedatives or laughing gas. At Ari Pediatric Dentistry, more advanced techniques such as intravenous sedation and general anesthesia are also used with our anaesthesia team to help your child overcome these stressful treatments.

Dr. Ari’s anaesthesia team includes the pediatric dentist, anesthetist, the nursing staff and his dental assistants to provide a more inclusive environment for your child to receive access to treatment that may not be available elsewhere. 

Nurses play a vital role in ensuring the safety of children who receive sedative medications for diagnostic and treatment procedures. Nursing involvement in all phases of the sedation process not only promotes patient safety but increases patient and family satisfaction. Employing nursing service in the dental office allows the dentist more flexibility, and ease of monitoring during sedation procedures. Such collaboration with Dr. Ari and his nursing staff will ensure your child’s treatment by providing a truly interdisciplinary comprehensive care. Our registered nurses will conduct pre-operative assessments, perform continuous monitoring and post-operative recovery care. 

Anesthetic and sedative drugs are used to help ensure the safety, health and comfort of your child undergoing their dental procedures. Therefore, particular care dentistry benefits patients by taking a comprehensive view of oral health by collaborating with all members of an individual’s care team to achieve the most appropriate and integrated care plan and treatment.


Dr. Timucin Ari DDS, Ph.D, FRCD(C), Ari Pediatric Dentistry


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