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There’s No Food Like Camp Food

What are your favourite things to cook over a campfire? 


Charlie – My favourite things to cook over a campfire are hotdogs, marshmallows and hamburgers. I love how crisp they get cooking on the open fire.


Harrison – I love big breakfasts when we’re camping. We make Egg McMuffins in muffin tins with round sausages, cheese and hot sauce. 


What is your family’s best camping recipe?   


Charlie – When we go camping on long canoe trips we have to dehydrate our food before we leave to make it lighter to carry in our backpacks and food barrel. We often go camping in a big group so each family is responsible for a couple big dinners, lunch and breakfast. That means you have to make enough for 15-20 people. My favourite dinner is Smoked Chicken over Quinoa with Homemade Mango Pineapple Salsa. We make food that is full of nutrients because we canoe and portage everyday. 


Harrison – My camping fave is chili. We spend a lot of time making the chili and then dehydrating it until it looks like strips of leather. We always cook and dehydrate the meat separately because we have some vegetarians in the family. I have learned how to keep cheese fresh on a camping trip by keeping it in vinegar and cheese cloth so we always have fresh cheese for the garlic bread. It’s fun rehydrating the food because you add water and shake it all day.


What is your best recipe for trail mix?


Charlie – We eat a lot of trail mix but it is heavy to carry! My favourite is dried cranberries, yogurt chips, sunflower seeds, candied peanuts, pumpkin seeds and peanut M&Ms. 


Harrison – We also make a candy mix that is kinda like trail mix but straight up sugar treats. It’s so NOT good for you! We mix Blue Sharks, Cherry Bombs, Fuzzy Peaches, Gummy Worms, Hot Lips, Coke Bottles and Big Feet.


What is your favourite unique thing to add to a s’more?   


Charlie – S’mores are great the normal way but my favourite is adding Skor or Mint Aero bars instead.


Harrison – I love to add Caramilk as my regular chocolate in s’mores. Snickers and Mars bars work well too!


Charlie and Harrison
Meet 10 year-old twins, Charlie and Harrison, our new Kid Zone writers!
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