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Tis the Season to Give Back – How Volunteering Can Improve Your Life

2020 has been a difficult year for many and with the continued social distancing suggested by our leaders, this might be the best year ever to consider volunteering in December.  Whether you live in an apartment building, townhouse complex, the suburbs or in the country, helping your community is a wonderful thing to do – both for those needing vital help and for yourself!  The benefits of volunteering include making new friends, learning new skills and feeling happier.  

As you know, your children watch everything you do and learn from you so why not volunteer as a family?  It’s never too soon to teach your children the benefits of giving back to your community. You could donate blood together, pick up garbage, help plant trees, deliver food or toys, read to the elderly, or many other ways to give back.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider what interests you, such as helping older adults, children, animals or the arts community.  Then figure out how much time you can donate, which skills you have to offer and whether you want to be hands on or work remotely.  Once you have decided how often and in what capacity you want to volunteer, you can consider where you might want to focus your efforts.  You could work at a library, seniors centre, after school program, animal shelter, food bank, place of worship… wherever you feel you could offer the most benefit.

At this time of year there are many children who would not receive a gift without the generosity of people donating and delivering toys.  There are also many people without coats or boots even during the coldest weather.  Our local food bank is always busy but this time of year seems to be worse. Donating to any of these community causes will help those in need, obviously, but will also improve your body, mind and spirit.

Perhaps this is the year to start a new tradition of giving more? The benefits may surprise you.  I wish you all a joyous holiday season and a happy, healthy 2021!

Debbie Braun, Realtor at Keller Williams


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